With all reactions to Metallica’s new album, 72 Seasons, in the news over the past couple of months, it’s easy to get lost in other newsworthy stories sweeping the country. Namely, the success of the Super Mario Bros. Movie! Okay, okay, I know that no one has missed the announcement or the success of Mario’s 2nd big theatre adventure. But like chocolate and peanut butter crammed into a delicious cup, two great things are great together! Including Mario and Metallica!

From the people who have more time and talent than I ever could, comes Metallica’s “…And Justice For All” but, instead of the fantastic sounds of James, Lars, Kirk & Jason (Newsted), this entire album is made from the Mario 64 Soundfont!


What does that even mean? Well, the whole Metallica album sounds like the soundtrack for Mario 64 video game! Created by YouTuber MawinSwag, it isn’t just a single song but the entire album! Blackened, One, Harvester of Sorrow, To Live is to Die... yeah, it has them all! MawinSwag had some inspiration for this Metal Mario Mix!

“Special Thanks to Neville Elliott for the inspiration and PablosCorner for the Soundfont! There are many like it, but this one is mineeee.”
– MawinSwag

This video has been live for almost a month and has acquired over 412 thousand views. So grab a power-up, and crank it up!

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UPDATE: If you liked "...And Justice For All", check out MawinSwag's take on "Death Magnetic"!

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