I love mash-ups & re-cuts. The weirder the better. One of my all time favorites has got to be the mash-up trailer that mixed "Must love Dogs" & "Jaws" creating the trailer for "Must Love Jaws". Or perhaps re-cutting the Stephen King classic "The Shinning" into a fun family friendly rom-com film.

From the "If I have not seen it, it's new to me" file, someone took one of our new favorite Christmas classics and gave it a twist! Thanks to the folks at CineFix, we get to see Will Ferrell's ELF, re-imagined as a thriller horror film about a boy who was kidnapped as an infant, tortured, and traveled great lengths just to find his family, and becomes obsessed when they do not reciprocate his love. Check out the re-cut trailer for Elf: The Thriller.


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