My weekend hobby is trolling estate sales looking for mid-century furniture. Along the way I see items like the "Kwik Way" electric iron in the photo above. You see, IT'S ELECTRIC! Isn't that amazing??!! Well it was in 1932. Prior to that people had real irons made of iron and had to heat them up on their wood fired stoves. Then when it started cooling off they had to reheat it again.

Yep, we're about 90 years removed from using ACTUAL FIRE to make an iron work. Humanity has come a long way since those days but it seems each new generation is less and less impressed by the new innovations or the speed at which they come. I remember when my daughter Noel was 6 and saw the very first iPhone at the Apple store and let me and her mom know she wanted us to buy her one. We told her we'd buy her a phone with 3 buttons... one for mom, one for dad and one for emergencies. Her reply was "phones with buttons are stupid".

I'm old enough to remember when TV shows used to say "In Color" at the start. Now you can watch TV on demand with your smartphone or better yet, with your iWatch. Comedian Louis CK, in an appearance on Late Night with Conan O'Brien years ago put it best, "everything is amazing and nobody is happy". You can watch that video HERE.