Washington has no end to its beauty, it seems like everywhere you look it's a postcard. When you're from Washington however it's easy to take it for granted. I'm gonna give you 5 awesome vacation spots around Washington state that you can use for your next vacation!!


We're going to look into the wilderness along with some fun spots in the city. I hope I can help you plan your perfect Family, Couples, one person vacation. If you think I missed an obvious spot or somewhere you love to go make sure to reach out and let me know!


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 5 ) Ocean Shores, Washington

Almost a yearly vacation for me and my significant other, we love driving to the coast of Washington and seeing the Ocean! There are a plethora of things to do at Ocean shores for both family or couples, Go-karting, horseback riding, moped rentals, scuba diving classes, and more! Not only are there affordable hotels and places to stay but the food is also to die for! Some of the freshest seafood you find will be at Mike's Seafood and as always I suggest the surf and turf. After any Good meal, you can hit up the local ice cream shop where the ice cream is fresh at Murphy's candy and Ice Cream. If you're a big shopper in general they have the cutest little area of stores all connected by a tiny boardwalk that takes you from tiny house to tiny house with exclusive shops. Overall I suggest at least one trip to Ocean Shores to everyone I meet!


4 ) TranquilaTree

This place I have to honestly say I haven't stayed at...yet. Tranquilatree offers adult-sized tree houses you can rent! With all the amenities inside this is the best style of Glamping you can get! I know Glamping isn't what you wanna tell your friends ya did last weekend but after you get a real taste for it you'll fall in love. Relaxing with nature while getting out and getting down in the mud and having fun like with camping, but at the end of the day, you can go take a shower, relax with a cold beer and maybe even hop in the hot tub. Like I said I haven't gotten a chance to go but I can't wait for the chance I get to! TranquilaTree is located in Lothlorien Woods, White Salmon, Washington

To check out their Website Click here! 


3 ) Leavenworth 

Wanna go to Germany but can't afford the trip? Same here! Leavenworth is the next best thing. Located near the heart of Washington, the drive is part of the fun in the adventure. Seeing gorgeous landscapes and sights as you make your way into the small town you come face to face with German architecture and fun murals. Around the town, you'll find German restaurants, shops, candy, and occasional performances staying authentic to the German culture. There's plenty of places to stay with Air Bnb, you can always rely on Mrs. Anderson's Lodging.


2 ) Forks, Washington

Whether you're a huge fan of Twilight or just trying to get back to a small town lifestyle Forks may just be the perfect place for you. Not only can you tour the town that inspired the Twilight books, but as well as see real locations used in the movies. There may not be any super hot shirtless werewolf dudes or glistening vampires that sparkle in the sun but you will find gorgeous views, beaches, and scenery. If you're taking your family and you're more of a fisherman then look no further for Steelhead trout, Sol Duc and Bogachiel river are the perfect place to find them. Perfect place to enjoy an ice-cold beer or SunSmash while your family does the Twilight Tour around town!



1 ) Great Wolf Lodge

This one is an absolute favorite of mine, Great Wolf Lodge is not only the perfect waterpark but it's also indoors! They have a plethora of family-friendly activities including a wave pool, waterslides, arcades, scavenger hunts, and food! They even include themed suites to keep the kids busy when the park is closed for the night. If the little ones are looking for an adventure they have Magiquest, the kids will go on an unforgettable adventure across the hotel venturing on magical quests, they supply you with a magic wand you get to keep and you can even bring back and use again. They also offer family dining experiences with restaurants like The Loose Moose Cottage, Buckets Incredible Craveables, Lodge Wood Fire Grill, and even Bear Paws Sweet Treats for your dessert needs! Don't worry mom and dad I didn't forget about you, they also have a bar with plenty of choices called Grizzly Robs Bar!  To book a room or get more details you can visit Great Wolf Lodge by clicking HERE.

Vacation Spots in Washington

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