If you've never played with VR, you are missing out. It is a real treat that you have to see to believe. It is not for everyone though. If you get vertigo easily or risk motion sickness, it might not be your thing. Heck, if you're afraid of heights, depending what you're playing/watching you might over come your fear, or have a new type of phobia. Either way, if you're new to VR, go in with a buddy, someone who knows what is going on, and that you're in a safe environment, so you don't hurt yourself, or your surroundings.

Yakima Valley Libraries is offering just that, a safe space to adventure into the world of Virtual Reality! The event is going at the West Valley Library (223 S. 72nd Ave) on THIS SATURDAY & SUNDAY(Feb. 8th & 9th) from 1p till 4p both days. Saturday is for ages 13-17 (with guardian present or a signed parental permission form). Sunday is for ages 18+. Space is limited so if you're interested, call them at (509) 966-7070 to book your spot. For more details, or other events at your Yakima Valley Libraries, check out their events page at YVL.org.


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