You have a story! Whether it's fact or fiction, it is yours! Only you can tell it. Maybe it is a comedy. Perhaps a tragedy. A tale of love or a new history of hate. Heck, maybe deep down inside you have a brand new epic bouncing in your brain, that could one day turn into something as big as Star Wars. It will never happen, until you put pen to paper, finger to keyboard, cursor to screen. It's time, to write!

Cowiche Canyon Conservancy has teamed up with Yakima Valley Libraries to bring you the 2nd Annual Nature's Storytellers Writing Contest! This contest is looking for original writings. It can take the form of fiction or creative non-fiction pros (5,000 word maximum) or in the form of poetry (500 word maximum). Your writing must be about or relating to the natural world. You know, the Earth, nature, wild things that live and breathe on our planet, in our state, especially right here in Central Washington. Whether you want to have nature be a character, like the tales of Gaea and mother earth or something in your story that the characters must work with and over come, or even something completely different and wacky, the story is up to you!

This contest (NOTE: This contest is not sponsored or endorsed in anyway by Townsquare Media or any of its affiliate) is open to all ages, young and adult. Prizes include having your work published in an e-book created by the Yakima Valley Libraries and will be invited to perform their work in a live Virtual Reading event held in mid March. Don't delay, because submissions are due by February 17th, 2021. For more information as well as to submit your work, head over to


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