I recently wrote about Porch Pirates (package thieves) and how a particular metro area in Washington State takes the top spot for being the worst in the United States. You can check that article out here. After I finished the article, I realized that common sense is hardly ever common, and people might need some tips to help ensure their packages are safe and THERE when they come home, hoping to see their delivered treasures.

With porch piracy being a crime of opportunity, there are a few things you can do to help prevent it. However, the more you order and the longer you're gone, the more the risk that something won't be there when you get home increases.

5 Tips To Prevent Package Theft!

#1 - Security Camera:

mounted and doorbell security camera

There are so many cameras on the market. Everything from cameras that are attached to your doorbell to standard ones that you can mount above your door, you have a plethora of choices. Often, if a would-be thief sees a camera, they'll just keep walking. The same goes for "Security Stickers" placed in areas around your home.

#2 - Hidden Drop Location:

a beautiful porch with a lawn chair and a big arrow graphic pointing behind it

Many package thieves drive around looking for items. If you have an area around your front door that isn't visible from the road, ask your delivery person to stash the packages there. The far side of a porch, behind a bush or a fence, etc.

#3 - Delivery Alerts:

Woman holding a phone with pink lines coming off it showing an alert

Keep an eye on the tracking and sign up for delivery alerts. Many shippers and retailers offer this option. Knowing that a package is "out for delivery" means you can be home when it's dropped off if you learn your courier's routine and time frame. Although, this isn't always the case during the busy seasons.

#4 - The Buddy System:

silhouettes of neighbors handing a box over a fence.

If you're expecting a package, ask a neighbor to keep a lookout for it. However, make sure another neighbor doesn't think the first one is a thief and reports them.

#5 - Alternate Delivery Spot:

courier dropping off a package inside a boardroom meeting.

Many places offer package lockers, or you may even have the option to leave your mail at the post office for later pickup. I have many of my orders delivered to my work. This gives me a nice little treat in the middle of the workday, and most couriers know the business hours, so if they can't deliver, they'll leave a note or hold it for the next day.


So your package gets stolen, then what? File a police report (share any security footage you may have), contact the sender as well as the carrier. In many cases, you can get a refund or a replacement.

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