As heard during Todd & Timmy's segment, "Daily Dose of WTF" comes the Christmas tree ornaments for the people on the naughty list! Not coal that you can hang on the tree, but something a little sexy! Think about it, Santa is putting his package under your tree, why not hang a different form of package on the tree itself?

A London-based acclaimed designer named Anissa Kermiche, usually works with jewellery and sculptures. Well she decided to get a little kinky for the holidays and created "Pornaments" and "Boobles". Anissa talked about her latest creations to

We wanted to bring a bit of fun to the classic Christmas decoration. We love the idea of a bum or breast hanging among the pine needles, catching relatives off guard while they’re admiring your tree. Given the year we’ve all had, the baubles are the perfect thing to bring some laughter into the home.

The pornaments are metallic baubles, in the shapes of a woman's chest, bottom, and even crotch. They are metallic in three different colors: white, silver,  and gold. If you would like to purchase a set of three, they'll run you about $127, but as of this posting, they are currently sold out. To get a gander at what these "holiday hooters" look like and to purchase (when they're back in stock), check out

Kendall Jenner Santa spanking

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