A dog is man's best friend.

Do you agree?

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So Sayeth The King

We've all heard the expression but do you know the origin?  Me neither.  But I googled.  Turns out such high praise stems from high places. The statement that a dog is man's best friend was first recorded as being made by Frederick, King of Prussia (1740–1786) as he referred to one of his Italian Greyhounds as his best friend.  (I guess it's lonely at the top)

I have two rescue dogs now and have always had dogs.  Over the years my pet parade includes a border collie, a Husky/wolf mix, an Afghan Hound, And yes, for a while in junior high, my Norwegian Elkhound named Thor was my best friend so I sorta get the whole "fur-baby" thing. Sorta.  Ok, not really.  Dogs are great but they aren't people.

Which Dogs Are The Most/Least Obedient

But one thing best friends -dogs or people-  should be is well behaved and that's where Washington State dogs (not just the Huskies) come up short.

There are about 90 million dogs in America and a national survey shows many of the least obedient dogs live here in Washington!  The poll came from a survey of more than 3,100 dog owners with at least 50 owners from each state. Respondents rated their dog's obedience level on a scale of 1-5, with 1 being not obedient at all and 5 being the most obedient.

Look At Your Reflection In The Dog Bowl Washington

Florida, Utah and Arizona are the states with the most obedient dogs.  (law and order states?)
Is it a coincidence or a by-product? - BUT - the least behaved dogs are found in liberal Washington, Michigan, and Illinois.

Washington was found to have the least obedient dogs with a rating 7.42% below the national average.  Now why would that be? (Ok, Ok, enough partisan pooch politics)

Dogs Make Life Better

A decade ago Seattle Magazine posted an article saying that there were more dogs in Seattle than kids! It raised some positive points about the part dogs play in our lives.  Dogs are one of the few animals that can read our emotions and they're never short on love.

With all the negative information and the changes in the world and society, to have this being in your life that only wants to give you unconditional love—it’s like a light in the darkness...dogs also help us access our feelings and emotions, and it’s safe to do that [with them] because there is no fear of betrayal.

So make that call, the one to Ceasar the Dog Whisper and set that appointment.  Then check out this list of least obedient dog breeds by nature.

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