Yakima Police are searching the area around Yakima's Berglund Lake for clues to a possible murder. Capt. Jay Seely says the search follows the shooting of a man at the lake Monday by a 25-year-old suspect identified as Aurelio Escobar. Police found his car near the lake on Monday after he stole the man's car at the lake. In the backkseat police found a lot of blood and clothing that police say belonged to the suspects girlfriend. The woman's family in Sunnyside told police she's missing. Seely says they're now searching for her body that may have been dumped in Berglund Lake.
After the suspect stole the vehicle in Yakima he eventually made his way to the Portland Oregon area where he reportedly carjacked other people and was involved in a high speed chase in a stolen vehicle along I-5 in Portland. The suspect was stopped by authorities and "an officer involved" shooting happened. However authorities aren't saying if the suspect fled or was injured or killed after the chase and shooting.
More information is expected to be released later Today.


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Yakima Police are searching for a 25-year-old man, identified as 25-year-old Aureilo Escobar, who they say shot a man three times and stole his vehicle as the man was fishing at Berglund lake on Monday.


The 24-year old victim was taken to Yakima Valley Memorial Hospital where he was treated and released for non-life threatening wounds. Police were called to the lake at about 5:30PM. When they arrived they found the man and the suspects vehicle he was driving before stealing the man's car at the lake. In the back seat of the suspects vehicle police found a large amount of blood.
They contacted the owner in Sunnyside who says his daughter was going out with the suspect but she's missing. A missing person's report has been filed with Sunnyside Police. Police have the car as evidence at the Yakima Police Department.


Capt. Jay Seely says after stealing the man's car at the lake the suspect drove to Wapato where he tried to steal another vehicle but was unsuccessful. The suspect then drove to Goldendale where he left the man's stolen vehicle and stole another car. Police say the suspect then drove that car to the Portland Oregon area where he stole another car at gunpoint and fled.
Police are looking 25-year-old Aureilo Escobar Today. A warrant has been issued for his arrest on charges of first-degree assault, robbery, drive-by shooting and unlawful possession of a firearm.
Police say the suspect is considered armed and dangerous and is Yakima gang member.

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