Yakima has no lack of local artisans. We have local beer, local wine, local bread, local soap, local jewelry, and just about everything else you could possibly think of. There's a local craft maker who is now making a local ginger beer that you just have to try.

Fizzcraft is making ginger beer, and right here in Yakima.

First of all, this is alcohol-free so no worry about that. It's also different from ginger ale as ginger beer is brewed a bit like beer (ginger ale being flavored soda) so they both have ginger and are carbonated but that's about it.

I tried one of these at The Kiln in Yakima and was blown away by how wonderful it was. It has a bit of a spice to it which is 100% supposed to be there. I rather enjoyed it. Though it had that slight sting it was refreshing. Would be perfect for a Moscow Mule, however they're great on their own.

The founders, brothers, had wine making in their roots so it makes sense they'd have a knack for making delicious drinks.

And I'm hoping it doesn't stop with ginger beer. I hope they also do their own craft root beer, cream soda, fruit-flavored soda and more. Especially craft root beer. That would be amazing.

You can find out more about Fizzcraft including where to find it in Yakima at drinkfizzcraft.com. I found mine at The Kiln but other locations in Yakima including Crafted, EZ Tiger, Gilbert Cellars and Single Hill are also options.

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