In a new way to help children feel better when a digital participation trophy is not an option, parents have started hiring tutors to help their kids with video games. Usually parents have been worried about how much time, or violence that games have. Well now, according to the Wall Street Journal, more and more parents are worried about how their kids will feel when they aren't winning, and even going as far as hiring tutors to help their little camping snipers POS's to do better.

Now I can kind of see how if the parents are taking lessons, to help bonding with their kids, but getting a tutor to help a kid win, so his feelings won't be hurt, that's going a little too far in my mind. Back in my day, if I wanted to get better at a game, I either used a Game Genie, Game Cheat Codes, or I PLAYED MY BUTT OFF, PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE! Nowadays if I need an edge, tutorials on YouTube and other sites are abundant, but if Fortnite tutors become the new form of prostitution... who am I to stop the free market? But I will say, if your kid sucks at a game... even if they get all the training in the world, They might still suck. If you don't believe me, just ask my past piano teachers.

If you are a parent who does not want to prepare your child for valuable life skills of blaming the controller -- or if you want to learn to play to help bond -- just search on social media, I'm sure you'll find something, especially with the Fortnite Battle Royale growing in popularity since it was released last year, to reportedly over 125 million players.

Know this before you look into a Fortnite or any video game tutor... games tend to come and go... maybe put that money into a better education skill, like music, magic, sports, learning how games are made. That way when a game isn't as popular or your child gets tired of it in a month or two because of something shiny and new, you might still have some money in your pocket. Not to mention, no matter how good your offspring gets at Fortnite, I'll still pwn his noob @$$ in Mortal Kombat!

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