Does Your Pet Need a Vaccination?

This Friday, July 29th there will be a drive-up event in Toppenish between 9 am and 2 pm.

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Don't Forget!!  There will be a Low-Cost Vaccine Event in Toppenish open to the public. This event will be a drive-up event at the Northern Pacific Railroad Museum and temperatures are expected to be in the triple digits. Please be prepared for a wait in your vehicle with your pets.

This is a Drive-Through Event in Toppenish, WA

How Much for Dog Vaccinations?

  • Bordetella $10
  • DAPPv $10
  • Rabies $10
  • Microchips $15

How Much for Cat Vaccinations?

  • HCP $10
  • Rabies $10
  • Microchips $15

Make sure the tank has enough gas, you pack some ice water with you, and hopefully you have a car with air conditioning because it's going to be too hot without it. According to the Yakima Humane Society, Facebook Page, "the staff will be working hard to ensure prompt and quick service so please be patient with everyone as it is likely to be very busy and very warm for all those at the event, staff, and the public."

If you haven't followed the Yakima Humane Societies Facebook page, I highly recommend it for upcoming events and more information. Also, if you have pets and don't plan on babies, please make sure to spay and neuter your pets. We have a major overpopulation problem and it would really help. There are a lot of options for vouchers as well to help cut down the cost.

Yakima Humane Society

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