Many of us have had to go to bed hungry at some point. I hope that your particular situation wasn’t long-lasting, you’re doing well, and your belly is full. But when you run the risk of hunger and have no way to ask for food and help, that is when you need help the most.

And those who help need help, too, and that is exactly what’s happening right now with the Yakima Humane Society!

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The Yakima Humane Society took to social media to give a call to action to help fill their Pet Pantry! Pet food (preferably dry) of any size or brand would be most appreciated.

“Our public pet pantry operates strictly on donations, and we need your help!” – YHS Facebook

You can drop off your food donations during operating hours, 10 am to 5 pm (closed for lunch from 12:30 to 1:30). If getting out to the store is a hassle, cash is welcome, or you can purchase something from their Amazon wishlist.

Puppies & kitties

Filling up the Pet Pantry is top priority (after finding forever homes for these loveable pets). But if you can donate anything, that would be amazing.

Donation items requested by the Yakima Humane Society:

Bath Towels
Blankets (no comforters or electric)
Cat & Kitten Food (Pedigree or Purina)
Cat Toys
Chewy Dog Treats
Dish Soap (no citrus or lemon scented)
Dog Beds
Dog & Puppy Food (Pedigree or Purina)
Dog Toys
Laundry Soap (liquid)
Martingale-style Collars
Peanut Butter
Plush Cat Beds
Portable Kennels (various sizes)
Potty Pads
Rope Toys
Sheet Protectors
Slip Leads
Stretch & Scratch Cat Scratchers

James Barker
James Barker

For a complete list of items the Yakima Humane Society could use, check out their website: Once again, cash is always a great donation if you cannot go to the store or just don’t have the time. On the flip side, if you can’t afford to donate but have spare time, they can always use the volunteer help.

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