With recent news of the 'Right-To-Repair' law being passed in Oregon (and last year in California), it's interesting timing that the Federal Trade Commission is wanting to hear from you about your repairs and warranties.

What did you need fixed or replaced? How smooth was the process? Was the job done well and to completion?

My father was an electronics repairman before he retired roughly 10 years ago. He mainly focused on musical repairs (guitars, amplifiers, P.A. systems, etc.) and his craft helped raise a family of four.

He has often said how he lived and worked at the right time, especially now that so many things are made to NOT BE FIXED. It's cheaper to buy a new one verses trying to repair it.

For those of us who have attempted to get something fixed, was it pleasant experience or a nightmare?

I've been very fortunate with the companies I've worked with and the services they've provided, but I have had my fair share of frustrations as well, and the FTC is wanting those stories.

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What are your experiences with getting something repaired? Anything from plumbing issues where you flush the toilet and the shower comes on, or a video game console breaking. Like the old Xbox 360's red ring of death we had to mail back to Microsoft for them to fix/send us a replacement.


The FTC would like your warranty or repair stories. It doesn't matter what the product was (car, cell phone, BBQ grill, etc.), just let them know.

Whether you're a consumer or even a small business with a story, the FTC would love to know how it turned out. Fore more information & to share your tale with the FTC, click here.

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