I've been there, in fact I think we've all been there. You get to McDonald's, excite to get your food. You order off the value meal, ask to substitute the large drink for a milkshake and you get the dreaded reply... "Sorry, our shake machine is broken right now." You're devastated! Your cherry on top of the great day you were having (or hoping to have) is suddenly destroyed! What do you do? You either take the normal soft drink and move on with your day, and thank the heavens because your waistline didn't need the extra ice cream. You ask for a soft serve cone instead, and are informed that it's the same machine. Or you talk to the manager? Noooo, they are just person trying their best, there's no need to be a pain in the butt to someone who is just working that type of job to help make ends meet. I know... let's talk to the FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION!

Yup, that is just what is happening in the world of Burgers & Business! Letters has been sent to many franchisees of the McDonald's chain over the summer, inquiring about the state and why the ice cream machines always seem be broken.

Reports have stated how the machines are very complicated, and fixing them when they break is hard. The Federal Trade Commission is also looking into the relationship between suppliers, repairs, and even if restaurant owners & employees are able to work on them.

Are you Fed Up?

One Mc-Ice-Cream Fan is! In fact, his frustration with the downed machines inspired him to tweak the McD's App! Now it can show you every broken soft serve ice cream machine at a McDonald's in the United States! That's commitment!

What do the workers have to say?

Back in 2018, Buzzfeed ran a video about the Secrets of working in the fast food service. Yakima's own comedian Jonas Barnes graced the video and had some interesting insights on the ice cream machine.

"They're the worst machines ever made. They get jammed. Nobody likes them. We hate that you buy ice cream."
- Jonas Barnes


You can check out that full video below, & hopefully the government will get to the bottom of this ice cream issue... because that's what an "independent agency of the United States government whose principal mission is the enforcement of civil U.S. antitrust law and the promotion of consumer protection" (Wikipedia) can wisely spend their time doing.

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