When you think of the Pacific Northwest you don't necessarily think of sand, you think of big green beautiful trees, back roads, and the space needle. But true Washingtonians know where to go if they want a day out in the sand.

Today is national go play in the sand day, so we found some fun amazing places you can take the family to go play in the sand. Whether you want the water nearby or some dunes to play in we have it on this list, see for yourself below.

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5.) Moses Lake Mud Flats and Sand Dunes

Right in Moses lake lies a wide open area of Mud Flats and Sand dunes, much like the name itself states. Take a day with the family to go enjoy the wide open areas either on ATVs, dirtbikes, or any other fun activity you can think of out in the sand.

4.) Juniper Dunes Wilderness 

These sand dunes are located in Pasco Washington, part of Franklin County with over 7,140 acres of protected land you and your family can enjoy a day out with friends and more while having some fun in the sand.

3.) Alki Beach 

Located in Seattle, Alki Beach is a famous area in western Washington, being one of the closer beaches with sand in Western Washington and King County. This sandy beach sees a lot of tourists but it's also a favorite for locals and has room for everyone.

2.) Beverly Dunes

The Beverly dunes are a local favorite in Washington state, with enough room for everyone to go ride their favorite sand-based vehicles like dirt bikes or ATVs, some even go as far to sand surf on boards, or even attempt sledding down the sand dunes. It's a perfect place for family and friends to get together.

1.) Ocean Shores

A trip worth a weekend, not only is there plenty of sand for everyone to enjoy but there's plenty of water too. A beach vacation can help the mind and body truly reset, the family can go before school starts and enjoy some real fun in the sun. With so much to do like ride ATVs go horseback riding or just take your vehicle out on the sand and watch the sunset.

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