Work zones ahead
Before you get upset that someone was taking a picture from behind the wheel, look at the speedometer. Flat zero. Which is the reason for this weekend heads-up. As we look to another great spring weekend of fishing and outdoor activities, make sure you keep in mind that our rough winter has prompted the WSDOT crews to get working on repairing our roads for the summer travel season.
Roadside attractions
I have done some serious traveling in my life. Road trips, camping trips -- and every single time I am on the road I see something strange.
Streaker Takes Jog on L.A. Freeway
You see a lot of nutty things driving down the freeway in any major city, but morning passengers on the 405 Freeway in Los Angeles got more than they bargained for when a man decided to take a nude stroll on the side of the road on Tuesday. A number of motorists saw the suspect running in only a pair of black socks. Some even tweeted about it and posted pictures for others to see. They say he trot