It's thee biggest television event in the world... or at least on HBO, and leave it to the fine folks at 9Gag to post on their social media page the new (unofficial) rules for turning an episode of Game of Thrones into a game of drinks! The rules are as follows:

Drink When...
Someone dies.
Cerseri sips wine or bangs someone.
Tyrion roasts someone.
Dany reminds everyone she is the queen.
Swords are drawn.
Someone says "My Lord" or "Your Grace".

Finish Your Drink When...
There is a sex scene.
One of your favorite characters die.
Dragons look judgemental.
There is a nude scene.
Jaime does something he does not want to.

Take A Shot If...
Jon & Daenerys have sex.
There is betrayal.
Sansa is being snarky.
Jon looks confused.

Chug If...
Arya checks every name off her kill list.
Bran goes white-eyed.
Tormund is being adorable.

Pour One Out If...
Bronn gets his "fooking" castle.

Game of Thrones Season 4

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