You Have Been Wrong About Hangover Cure This Whole Time
A recent study has shown that chasing a hangover with more alcohol is the worst thing you could do. I have been wrong my whole life. When I have had hangovers, I  always drank a bloody Mary to chase it away. I thought it worked. Hours later, though, when I was not drinking anymore, I DID s…
Only 16% Of Viewers Watch Football Sober
Did today's Seahawks game, a 25-20 loss to the New Orleans Saints with many questionable calls by the referees, drive you to drink? Or were you already going to down a few beers anyways? Either way, you're not alone.
Can we hold our liquor?
In the land of beer and wine, some may take it a bit too far in excess. Looking at a list of all the counties -- and comparing number of bars to number of people -- here's a list of the drunkest counties in Washington state. Do you have any guesses to what came in first place? I bet you're…
Who Was Saint Patrick Anyway?
Just like the limerick 'Whisky In A Jar'o', Some things about St. Patrick's day are unclear of it is origin.  We do know that he was British and he was kidnapped by the Irish forced to work as a slave. That is kind of a sad story considering it shaped Ireland's national…
Just checking
I am a firm believer that you should not drink and drive. If you drink a lot and you drive, you should get busted. You could kill someone or die yourself. Police randomly put up checkpoints around our area so they can catch drunken drivers.
Like our melons?
It is going to be another hot one in Central Washington -- maybe 100 degrees. And the perfect food for a day this hot is watermelon!
So maybe it's no coincidence that Aug. 3 happens to be National Watermelon Day. Either way, I have a few watermelon recipes that'll be perfect -- no matter ho…
Hit the wine trail
Rattlesnake Hills Spring Barrel Tasting is on the way! I love going around to each vineyard and trying new wine. And April 18-19, member vineyards pull down their premium barrels and let us all in on the action!
How're we feeling now?
The Guinness, green beer, Irish Car Bombs and other libations are certainly flowing tonight as St. Patrick's Day in America is still one of the biggest days on the calendar for imbibing. Which holiday tops them all and the others in the top 10 may or may not come as a surprise to you.
House rules [POLL]
I was raised LDS (or Mormon in easier terms). I never even saw my mom or dad drink anything but coffee. When I was growing up the drinking age was 18 so I got my partying done earlier than people do now and grew up much faster.

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