One of the biggest industries hit hard by COVID-19 is the entertainment industry. All you have to do is wait a week to see another group of celebrities singing a song on YouTube or filming a mash-up fight scene with each other via TikTock. (Both noble actions, I'm sure). But science is stepping in and looks to help those poor actors & actresses get back on their feet! One word... ROBOTS! Now granted in the movie biz, there are more robots that try to kill you rather than save you. For every nice robot like Optimus Prime there is Megatron! C3PO & R2D2 there are B1 & B2 Battle Droids. For every Wall-E & Eve there is a Terminator & Matrix Agent Smith. For every Rosie from The Jetsons there's the Stepford Wives! Thank goodness those are in the films and not on the actual sets, which is where technoligy is setting its sites.

Apparently "Germ-Zapping Robots" are already in use in more than 500 hospitals worldwide. These Lab-certified disinfecting robots use ultraviolet light to eliminate the virus SARS-CoV-2 & look to do the same for coronavirus from sets. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Xenex Disinfection Services' "Xenex Germ-Zapping Robot" has been used and testing results show that "the robot was able to deactivate 99.99 percent of the novel coronavirus in two minutes with its LightStrike technology." If you're interested in getting one of these for your house of business, they are not cheap. They are available on a monthly rental basis, or you can own your very own for the amount of $125,000.00. If Hollywood does go this route, it is expected to still have normal humans do a majority of the cleaning, and also make a "meat sack" (slang term for humans by robots) be in charge of the droids because of UNION involvement, I'm sure.


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