A rare test pressing of Green Day‘s 1990 debut album ’39/Smooth’ sold on eBay last week for $1,336.99. The record proved to be a popular item on the online auction site, where it garnered 21 bids over the course of a week.

The 33 RPM record featured a plain white label and came in a plain white sleeve accompanied by the black and white album artwork.

’39/Smooth’ was created by singer Billie Joe Armstrong, bass player Mike Dirnt, and then-drummer Joe Kiffmeyer for Lookout Records and was produced by the band with Andy Ernst.

Armstrong had hoped that some of the tracks from ’39/Smooth’ would make it onto the ‘Green Day: Rock Band’ video game, but they were not included, evidently because the master tapes were not in good enough condition to convert to digital.

The pop-punk act didn’t break through nationally until four years after ’39/Smooth,’ when ‘Dookie’ went multi-platinum thanks to hits like ‘When I Come Around,’ ‘Basketcase’ and ‘Longview.’