Friday morning, I had the pleasure of getting to have the musical talent of Aussie Blake Noble in the studio in preparation of the release of his first U.S. album "Underdog."
I haven't been as mesmerized and flat-out blown away by a guitarist since the first times I ever witnessed the brilliance of the late Chris Whitley and/or Stanley Jordan.

Blake was kind enough to share his talent with us on an acoustic 12-string guitar and didgeridoo.  The first video shows how he seamlessly marries the two instruments.

The second video is Blake displaying his ninja skills on a tune he improvised on the spot.  He let me name the song.  I call it "A Cat Eating Dough From A Polyethylene Bag Is Fast And Bulbous, Got Me?" (with a tip of the cap to Captain Beefheart a/k/a/ Don Van Vliet)

Do yourself a favor and check out this amazing musician, whose star is on the rise, in this week's "On" magazine and again live tomorrow night at the 4th Street Theater.