Being Halloween, we had the option to dress up if we wished. Not only that, but we got an email from the corporate office asking us to take a group shot to be entered into a company contest for Halloween participation. I love that Townsquare Media is all about team efforts and having fun. That's why I find it odd that many schools don't allow kids to dress up for Halloween.

I've worked at a few places in town like Rite-Aid, Video Update and some more. Those places also encouraged dressing up just for fun. Gives a good vibe to the atmosphere and making going to work fun. I loved working at both of those places.

I can understand why many schools don't allow it. It becomes a distraction. Some costumes require masks (though I've seen a decline on masks recently) and maybe it's just a hassle to try and get anything done with the squirrel attention span of some other kids, costume or not.

Schools do a lot to make school a fun place to be. They might have movie nights and dances to have a reason to hang out with your school friends longer without the constraints of the bell going off or even attending the sports games, but to say they can't dress up on Halloween, I'm not sure what to think. Again, I get it, but maybe if they could with some caveats like no props, nothing too flowing or reveling, stuff like that. Don't take the fun away from school.

This isn't the case for all schools, but more and more I keep hearing about from my friends across the nation, the more prominent it is.

Or maybe they take all the fun out of school do you can't wait to graduate and get the kind of job where you can dress up for Halloween. I guess that could work, too.

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