So we have all heard about those crazy so called "holidays". Like National cream filled doughnut day, National margarita day, and all the other crazy ones. As we all know today is May 1st, but have you ever wondered what crazy and strange holidays land on today?

Well the official list includes Amtrak day, Batman day, Beltaine day, Childhood depression awareness day, Executive coaching day, Global love day, Keep kids alive! Drive 25 day, Law day, Lei day, Loyalty day, May day, Mother goose day, National dance day, New homeowner's day, School principals' day, Silver star day, Stepmother day, and World asthma day. Who would have guessed that May 1st had so many holidays that land on it!? I sincerely wish all of you a happy all the holidays above day!

-Eli "the Duke" Chance

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