I'm old enough to remember when we didn't have cell phones. I remember things like, landlines, rotary dial telephones, phone booths, heck, I can recall two tin cans connected by string.

Recently I noticed a friend had posted a challenge on social media that seemed to resonate with a lot of people. She was challenging her Facebook friends to post the last 5 random pictures that they had taken on their phones. Dozens of people participated and it was interesting to see all of the various pictures of almost everything you can think of represented there.

So, I decided to take it a step further, and not only post a challenge on Facebook, in this case, the station Facebook page with thousands of 'friends' but also here on the station website and app. We should be able to harvest some really amazing photos. Here's one more angle, we're not just asking for the last 5 random pictures from your phone's camera, we want you to show us 20! This could get crazy, really quickly, so please, make sure each photo is 'decent' and make sure it's one you took and have permission to share with us. We don't want to ruffle any feathers while we're having fun.

I'll kick things off with my 20 random photos from my iPhone. I have thousands of pictures on this phone and I couldn't tell you why I took most of these photos but, there they are, nonetheless. Dog photos, family snapshots, grandkids, nature pics, and one of the really embarrassing things -- pictures of food. I mean, so I grilled some burgers and they look appetizing, why take a picture of it? I don't have a good answer. Take a look.

My 20 Random Phone Photos


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