Hendo tried to get some breakfast this morning after getting off the air... it did not go well.

No, I did not say anything to the poor, sick fast food worker. She is already having a bad enough day. My point is that employers and managers need to keep in mind that customers WANT you to pay those poor people for sick days. Also, parents, DO NOT LET YOUR CHILD TOUCH THE BUFFET. Nothing, not one thing.

If you can't keep them from touching it, eat somewhere else. I have five kids, my kids know the rules, your monsters can, too.

This is not someone being too oversensitive to germs.

According to the Center For Disease Control, millions of people get sick every year from food. Many of these illnesses have been linked to restaurants, specifically food eaten at restaurants. The CDC reported food often makes people sick because food workers handled the food when they were sick with vomiting or diarrhea.

Sometimes it is basic hygiene that is skipped as germs from sick food workers gets onto food when workers do not wash their hands properly and then touch food with their bare hands. If that food will not be cooked—for example, salads and sandwiches—customers who eat it can then get sick.

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