Well, I finally went to Vegas last week for the first time.

If you've never been to Vegas because, hey we have gambling here in Washington, nevermind that fact and just go.

The flights direct are super cheap from Yakima or the Tri-Cities on more than one airline. So, if you want to plan ahead great, but if not try seeing what deals you can find last minute.

I flew on Allegiant for the first time, but sprung for the emergency exit seat for the extra foot room.

I stayed with friends that have an amazing view of the entire strip from a few blocks away. I did check out prices on hotel rooms and found some super cheap around $40 on the strip - but be prepared for the resort fee that's $30. Las Vegas has started charging for parking and resort fees, which the locals grumble about but they mostly affect tourists so it's a low volume grumble.

The food is incredible, and there are many celebrity places to dine.

Giada even served guests herself while I was there last week, but the big name on the strip is Gordon Ramsey.

Ramsey has at least three places I found, from his new big draw Hell's Kitchen to a simple fish and chips place with very few menu items.

When you walk into Hell's Kitchen you are greeted by a life-size screen of the profane celebrity chef while he mocks people taking pictures of food. Make sure you make a reservation though, otherwise you will wait for an hour or more.

The first place I ate, within minutes of leaving the airport, was the In-N-Out Burger.

I also ate at White Castle, JA Burritos, and a local spot called Hot & Juicy.

A local favorite that we waited in line for an hour because they do not accept reservations, Hot & Juicy should be on your MUST-DO list. Be prepared to spend some cash if you don't share though, my bill was $150 for three people. We had some beers, too though.

I hit just about every casino on the strip and a few downtown. The D is owned by a guy named Derek from Detroit, but he won't tell you what the "D" stands for when asked. With free drinks while you play, it doesn't really matter.

If you do think about taking kids to Vegas, I saw a bunch. As a place they will enjoy, I would say it is kid friendly during the day. Just don't take them to Fremont Street at night.

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