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And THAT'S the way you do it!  Congratulations to Yakima Chief Hops (YCH) and Heritage University for teaming up to train future leaders.

Heritage@Work, is the university’s workforce training and development division which helped develop a training program targeted to meet the needs of YCH for management training.

Ryan Hopkins is the chief executive officer at YCH and he helped develop the curriculum, “As a company that is 100% grower owned, YCH is built on the philosophies of continuous improvement and empowering employees.  The CHIEF ACADEMY is a proud example of hop growers working with a great local university to empower our employees and in turn empower great leaders within our community.

The CHIEF ACADEMY consists of a series of workshops addressing five topics important to leadership at Yakima Chief Hops .

  1. The Art of Communication – a business writing and communication workshop which offered tips on improving existing skills as well as preparing participants for public speaking.
  2. Putting Humanity into Human Resources – a highly-interactive workshop covering the important basics of human resources with role-playing activities.
  3. Data Science – a workshop that helps those in company leadership roles understand the importance of data analytics by identifying, interpreting and summarizing data.
  4. Business Finance – a workshop to help employees understand financial drivers and strategic objectives and realize the connection between strategy and financial success.
  5. The Book of Leadership – a workshop where employees learn the attributes of a leader, the difference between management skills and leadership skills, and what it means to be a leader at YCH.

Perhaps your company or employees have a need for professional development and perhaps Yakima Chief Hops success could be yours ?  For more information contact Heritage University Media Relations Coordinator Davidson Mance at (509) 969-6084 or .

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