We've all heard about the dumb laws that are still on the books from a hundred years ago. Things like, it's illegal to walk your donkey down Main Street after midnight. And I think the law regarding flashing your bright lights at an oncoming driver to tell him to "DIM IT, DAMN IT" is outdated, too. Oh sure, there once was a time when we were all on the same playing field. But now with those super-bright LED and massive blue headlights, it just doesn't seem fair. Yes, Washington State law says it's illegal to flash your brights at someone who is blinding you with theirs. If lawmakers would use a little common sense (ridiculous thought, I know) then they would realize that by flashing the other vehicle and getting them to dim their lights, you're not only helping them to avoid an expensive ticket if they were to get pulled over for it, but it's a safety measure to keep you from driving off the dang road!

What about flashing your high beams real quick to let another driver know that they have a headlight out? Nope. Flashing real quick to let another driver know they're approaching a speed trap? Hell no. So when can you use your high beams? According to The Washington State Dept. of Licensing, use them when there are no oncoming vehicles (gee, really?) and dim them when you come within 500 feet on an oncoming vehicle or within 300 feet of following another rig. I apparently break this law most mornings on my way into the radio station. Dim it, Damn it!



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