In these trying times there are several in the community and beyond stepping up to help out their fellow neighbors. From delivering groceries to excusing late payments without interest on things, many are stepping up to help others out. Chris Waddle of Hogback Development had an idea so crazy it just might work. (insert dramatic laugh)

Along with hosting new businesses in the Yakima Valley, Hogback Development Company also has some residential buildings. In a recent video, he announced he was going to waive the tenant fees of his 18 families from his rentals. A small gesture in hopes it alleviates some of the burden put on many of us right now.

He has also challenged ALL rental property management to do the same for the month of April. Hoping that April is a rent-free month for his goal of at least 1000 families. I'd sure love to see this happen.

Share, tell a friend, a neighbor, everyone and let's see if we can't make April a #RentHoliday for as many people as possible in the Yakima Valley

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