So my wife's co-worker has been singing a song around her office and my wife has started repeating it. It's a catchy tune, especially with the beginning beat mashing up rave techno music with the sweet and soothing sounds of the JAWS soundtrack. Then it takes a turn for the annoying by turning into a toddler sing-a-long song. Luckily this annoying song scored me $20 bucks... I will tell you how but first, ladies and gentlemen, I give you... "Baby Shark!"


My wife kept singing it around our house all weekend, then I'd be out and about doing errands, and she would send me a text message with the shark emoji and the words "doo doo doo." It would have been super adorable moment in my 5 year marriage if it wasn't getting annoying. Well Sunday night talking about that song, she bet me $20 bucks that I wouldn't play it over the 94.5 KATS airwaves. Well, during Tuesday's edition of the "Todd & Timmy Show", Todd was talking about different songs his boy Drew is enjoying now, (songs from the Band Cake, in case you missed it) and knowing Drew's love for YouTube I asked if he had ever heard baby shark... to which Todd proceeded to play the above song on air, for all of Yakima to hear.

I'm sorry Yakima if now you have "baby shark, doo doo doo, baby shark doo doo doo" stuck in your heads... but twenty bucks is twenty bucks!


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