Over the weekend as I was playing on the internet, ignoring all the stuff I should be doing (you know: eating right and exercising), I got a text message from my friend Russ, with a picture of a little man smiling and wearing a Yakima Bears No. 10 jersey. I laughed because it was a screen capture from a local Facebook sales page. A lady was selling a piece of Yakima history -- a Todd Lyons Yakima Bears Bobblehead, back from the days he was their stadium announcer.

Russ and I made comments on the lady's post and brought Todd in on the Facebook foolering, she began apologizing  for not knowing how much Todd is actually worth. But for the headline "Tod Lyons of yakima baseball team," it kinda makes me wonder if she even knows who he is? As of this writing, it is still listed on the Facebook "Yakima - Buy, Sell, Trade" page with the description, "Bobblehead Todd Lyons yakima baseball team. POS no saves first with cash takes it. Serious inquiries only please."

Now the burning question: She believes he is worth $5, but what do you believe? Take the poll below and if the Bobblehead is still there by this weekend, I MIGHT purchase it -- if for nothing else, to have a piece of Yakima history as well as a voodoo doll of my good friend.

UPDATE: Not only are there several of these bobbleheads floating around different buy & sale sites that I've seen, but Todd has informed me that his Bobblehead is actually in the "Bobblehead Hall of Fame". Here's his proof!


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