I had a ton of money once. I saved it and never looked at it. I made a bad business decision and lost most of it. However, I got there by saving some serious cash. The big dogs now a days save like they are never going to have money again. The exact reason why they are rich. I want to get back to having lots of money again but, I find it hard when you have 3 kids who are all involved, dogs, rabbits, pigs and a whole damn farm to take care of.

Thank god I have these tips to get me back to where I wanna be.

A lot of people think think that since rich people have so much money they can spend it whenever they want. That is not true.  Here are some excellent tips from rich people that we could all learn from. Thanks to bankrate.com.

1.  The wealthy control what they spend.

Chances are, you save and invest money so you'll accumulate wealth. That's not what the rich do.  They concentrate on holding onto their wealth, not by stuffing cash under the mattress but, rather by controlling what they spend.

2.  The wealthy don't buy on impulse.

Expensive purchases from TV's to cars are made only after much thought and research so they get the highest quality at the lowest possible price.

3.  The wealthy love bargains.

Even the rich get a kick out of saving a buck. Wealthy people often worry they are overpaying, so it's common for them to use coupons and seek out sales.

4.  The wealthy buy quality products.

Well made, high quality products are just better and last longer. The wealthy look for the very best, especially when they are purchasing larger items.

5.  The wealthy don't like debt.

"Debt' is a four letter word. Avoiding debt is key to gaining wealth and keeping it. The rich pay their credit card bills in full every month and always live below their means.

Follow these steps and in time you will be rich. I should have listened to my mom. HA


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