The Dumb & Dumber 4th of July meme featuring Jim Carey's character "Lloyd Christmas" says "Hope they allow us out of lockdown by July 4th... so we can celebrate our freedom!" If you'd like to see the actual meme, you can view it here on Reddit. Needless to say, this is going to be one of the weirdest Independence Days that I've ever experienced in my 38 years on this planet. Many people are on edge. Pissed. Angry at each other. They're letting political leanings ruin relationships. There are a lot of really crappy ninjas out there (face mask joke). Some argue "are we really even free?" I can't speak for everyone, but I can speak for myself. Much like Todd's Take about how the Coronavirus has brought him closer to his family, my life is going pretty well. Yes, I do believe it's about perspective, and looking at what is going right for you vs what's wrong in your life. I also feel how if you do get a setback, look to see what you can learn, and move on. If you're constantly the victim, then you'll start seeing yourself as only ever a victim. Yes, easier said than done, and I'm not saying that life hasn't been kicking some people in the crotch repeatedly this year. Try to remember that you are not alone, there is help, and we are all in this together.

Now that all my preaching is done, let's try to celebrate in whatever form we can. Some may have sparklers. Some may have a Kenny G CD & a microwave. Either way, be safe, and at the end of the day, let's hope we still have all fingers that we started the day out with. For me, well here's a little view of how I celebrated Independence Day... or 4th of July for people who like actual calendar dates.



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