Thank goodness, I for the most part have gotten along with all of my ex's. Sure there was some tension right after the break-up. That is to be expected. Most of them I have been able to stay friends with. If not friends, then at least civil. In fact, only one of the ladies that I have ever dated, have I needed to go to the extreme of blocking her number and all social media contacts. I always thought, a great payback to an ex, would be to post on my social media the music video from The Lonely Island called "I just had sex", many times a week. Just to mess with her. I thought that would be evil. That's nothing compared to this WTF story!

According to a claim by TikTok user Thea Loveridge, after she found out her baby's daddy was cheating on her, with her ex girlfirned, he got arrested. Well, the ex, still kept trying to contact him, via text. Thea decided to get some revenge. After telling the ex that the man in question (who was serving a prison sentence) was gone, as in dead, she then staged a fake funeral for him and sent pictures of the service to the ex. She even got the guy's sister in on the whole ploy. This all happened 3 years ago, but according to Thea, the ex is still completely fooled. "Every year, she posts little tributes to the love of her life on her Facebook page, saying how sorry she is that she couldn't be there to save him when he died."


@thealoveridge#stitch with @colinrea #fyp #petty #pettytiktok #babydaddy♬ original sound - user5421253010991

It'll be pretty interesting when the boyfriend gets out of jail, that is for sure. For more of your "Daily Dose of WTF", download the FREE KATS Mobile App & tune into Todd & Timmy, every weekday morning at 7!

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