They say a picture is worth a thousand words. A thousand is a fraction of the words that popped into my mind when I saw this loved and discarded best friend on the side of a parking lot in a medical facility around Tieton and 5th avenue. I saw this, and a back story popped into my mind. Not an actual back story about how this bear was a present for a little kid on their 4th birthday, but the actual life of Cheer Bear (the one with a full rainbow on his tummy).

Once Upon A Time...

In a faraway place, up in the clouds. In the Kingdom of Caring, lies the city of Care-A-Lot. The eternal home of the Care Bears. The true guardians of love and joy. Helping keep the world beautiful. They lived in peace and harmony for decades.

Life was great in Care-A-Lot, until the the evil forces who are hell bent to bring doom to the land decided to join their ranks. No Heart, Beasty, Professor Coldheart, Shreeky along with their minions of the really bad rejects from the Island of Misfit Toys attacked. All in a coordinated maneuver, that turned the beautiful city made of clouds, into a barren wasteland of Nimbostratus. Imagine the battle of The Black Gate from Lord of the Rings, only more colorful and fuzzy... at first!

Once Professor Coldheart took out the leader of the care bears, Tenderheart Bear, the rest of the sleuth of bears experienced something that is very uncommon for them... hopelessness. Not even the combined might of the Care Bear Stare had any effect. Their ranks fell into disarray while the bears fell, one after another in a deadly version of the Care Bear Count Down. Not even Hugs & Tugs were spared.

When the dust settled, one bear had survived. Cheer Bear. Her first instinct after seeing the rest of his fuzzy fallen family, was to get help. She limped her way to her only hope... the Forest of Feelings, and to the aid of the Care Bear Cousins!

Losing all cheer, Cheer Bear started to weep, after seeing the Forest of Feelings, engulfed in flames. Through the fire and smoke she could see the dark silhouette of the dark wizard No Heart, holding the limp form of a lion. Brave Heart Lion, the king of the cousins, had fallen. Cheer Bear started to scream and fell to her knees like a cross of Nickelodeon and the movie Platoon!

As Cheer Bear fell to her knees, she felt weightless. The clouds, could no longer support the life of Care-A-Lot. She fell through the clouds, along with a down poor of rain. One rain drop for every care bear life lost. One drop for every hope, gone. She landed in a parking lot of medical complex, and crawled to the softness of the dirt to collapse.

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The End?

I would leave this story at an end right there, but it might actually have a happy ending. I went to that same spot the next day. The plush bear was gone. Did someone pick it up and give it a new home? Did the groundskeeper properly dispose of the toy? Or did Cheer Bear actually stand up, dust herself off and find hope in seeking revenge for the fallen. I like to think it's that last one. Keep an eye out for the possible sequel... Care Bears 2: Cheer Bear Strikes Back!



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