I loved living in Seattle in the late '90s. I have often said that Seattle is one of my favorite places that I've lived in.

I loved living by the ocean and the whole Pacific Northwest vibe in the Emerald City but now sadly one of the city's iconic businesses is closing down and along with the shutdown, a Seattle landmark is also being removed.

If you have ever driven down Denny Way in Seattle, you've seen the iconic Pink Elephant Neon Sign above the Elephant Car Wash.

It's become a landmark in downtown Seattle over the decades and one of the most photographed signs in town.

The car wash is located at the Denny Way and Battery Street and the owners say that the other Pink Elephant Car Washes at 4th Avenue South and South Lander Street in SoDo and the Bellevue location will remain open.

It's the passing of an era but the good news is the sign is being donated to the Museum of History and Industry on Lake Union.

You can check out more details on the sign here and it is sad to see this sign go away but at least it'll be in a museum so it doesn't just away in someone's back yard.

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