Last week I shared with you a badass Seahawk-logoed car. In another blog I did back in March I pointed out that it's nearly impossible to go more than a couple of hundred yards in any direction and not see a "12" of some kind (homemade or otherwise) in Yakima.

Then yesterday, I see the vehicle pictured above in my rear view mirror with the Seahawks head emblazoned on its hood. I couldn't make my iPhone camera operational fast enough to get that pic, which is too bad because it would have been epic! My apologies for the blurriness of this photo, but by the time I could operate the camera safely, this was the only shot I could get --  and it's more for evidence than it is great photojournalism, LOL. You'll just have to trust me, this car was professionally decked out in 'Hawks glory.

Even though I'm a Rams fan (hangs head in shame) I have to tip my hat to Seahawks fans, because as someone who has traveled all over the country, I've never seen more dedicated fans.

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