The debate of whether "Die Hard" is a Christmas movie or not has been a heated topic around the yule log since the movie's release back in 1988. I have always felt firmly that "Die Hard" is a Christmas movie. Yes it is an action movie, and yes it takes place on Christmas Eve, does that make it a Christmas movie? Well it's a lot more enjoyable than watching Santa Claus Conquer's the Martians. In the upcoming "Comedy Central Roast of Bruce Willis," the final word on the topic may have been answered when Bruce commented how "'Die Hard 'is not a Christmas movie, it's a goddamn Bruce Willis movie!"

Bruce might have had the final word, but who do we believe... the guy who acted in the movie, or the GUY WHO WROTE THE MOVIE!?!? Last year Steven E. de Souza, screen writer for Die Hard, put in his two cents on Twitter stating that Die Hard is a Christmas film with the hashtag #DieHardIsAChristmasMovie and also added "Plus a woman about to give birth features prominently."

So Bruce says it's not a Christmas movie... on the flip side, Bruce also says he's a musician. The screenwriter says it is a Christmas movie. But your opinion is what matters (at least this time). Vote above & check out the Comedy Central Roast of Bruce Willis when it airs July 29 on Comedy Central.

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