CHATGPT Recommends the Top 5 Cities in WA for Single Parents

I am a single mom living in a small town in Washington. A few years back, I had high hopes of moving to a bigger city so that my young child could have better learning opportunities, but over the years, I realized we both have it pretty good living where we are.

Our cost of living is super low compared to the larger cities in Washington, and we don’t have to spend hours of our lives away sitting in ridiculous and unnecessary traffic on the freeway.

I sometimes use AI to find out answers to life’s burning questions like, “what is the purpose of life?” and “why won’t he call me back?” You would be surprised how fun using AI can be.

I wanted to know what CHATGPT had to say about the top recommended Washington cities for single parents to live, just out of curiosity. I was hoping for something affordable, yet in proximity to the big city life. I wanted something besides the obvious big Washington city choices. I was truly disappointed; ChatGPT, you had one job! 😂 There were a couple of surprises for me in the list for best Washington cities for single parents, as you’ll see below.

Here is what ChatGPT had to say about where I should be living as a single parent. I used the website and entered the search question: “What is the best place for a single parent to live in Washington state?”


I’ve lived in Washington for two decades and still haven’t been to visit Bellingham. How rude am I? ChatGPT seems to think single parents are thriving there and living their best life. I may have to investigate this further.

Bellingham, WA
“Situated near the Canadian border, Bellingham provides a charming coastal setting along with a strong educational system. The city has a laid-back atmosphere, numerous parks, and recreational opportunities suitable for families.” - ChatGPT

When I think of Olympia, I think of a quiet and low-key kind of vibe, almost like the movie, Pleasantville. It’s the state’s capital and it makes me think of the State Legislature buildings, which are somber and quiet. I’m not looking for tranquility and reflection, I’m looking for LIVELY and FUN!

Olympia, WA
“If you prefer a smaller city with a more relaxed pace, Olympia could be a great choice. As the state capital, Olympia offers a friendly community, affordable housing options, and good schools. It has a scenic location near the Puget Sound and a strong sense of community involvement.” - ChatGPT



I am unfamiliar with Redmond so I was surprised to see it listed amongst the best cities for single parents living in Washington. ChatGPT says Redmond has “excellent schools, abundant parks [and a] family-friendly atmosphere and outdoor recreational options.” Hmm, sounds fun to me!

Redmond, WA
“It has excellent schools, abundant parks, and a thriving tech industry that can provide employment opportunities. The city is known for its family-friendly atmosphere and outdoor recreational options.” ChatGPT



This city is among my top choices of Washington cities that I wish me and my kiddo could live in. I live for the shopping and energy of Bellevue and its proximity to Kirkland, also included in my top city choices!

Bellevue, WA
“Bellevue is known for its exceptional schools and safe neighborhoods. It offers a high standard of living and various amenities suitable for families. Bellevue also has a strong sense of community and provides access to a wide range of services.” - ChatGPT



This was my obvious choice as a single parent to live but the cost for housing is so unaffordable and the traffic is too unbearable. It makes me so sad, because Seattle has so many modern language immersion schools I wish my child could attend, not to mention there is an abundance of opportunity in a big city like Seattle for me to date and perhaps finally find a life partner.

Seattle, WA
“As the largest city in Washington, Seattle provides numerous opportunities for single parents. It offers a vibrant culture, excellent educational institutions, and a diverse range of neighborhoods to choose from. Seattle has numerous parks, recreational facilities, and family-friendly activities.” - ChatGPT


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