The Grant County Sheriff's Office announced Tuesday their K-9 program will be receiving a significant boost going forward.

County will include K-9 program funding in its 2024 budget

Previously, the GCSO K-9 program was entirely supported by donations and private contributions. Thanks to these efforts, as well as some grant money here and there, the program was able to run and greatly help with criminal apprehensions.

Now beginning January 1st, 2024, Grant County will include funding for the program in its regular budget for the Sheriff's office.

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According to the GCSO, this will accomplish the following:

 "We will purchase two K9s at a total cost of around $36,000.

• We will select two K9 handlers from within the Grant County Sheriff’s Office.
• Through collaboration and teamwork, our partners at Moses Lake Police Department have offered to have one of their K9 handlers train our two new K9s and their handlers. That will save us around $25,000.
• Our goal for the two new K9 teams is to be providing service to our communities by October of 2024."
   Using their budget line item, they will also be able to add a fourth K-9 team in 2025, returning them to regular operating strength. The budget will also allow expenses for medical or other K-9-related costs when needed.
   The GCSO has seen the recent retirement of three of its four K-9s over the last four months.

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