Jimmy Kimmel got into the election spirit last night (Nov. 6) with a hilarious edition of his reoccurring segment Lie Witness News, in which he sends a team to interview people on the street about fabricated news stories.

The hilarious man-on-the street piece features an interviewer telling people that Kid Rock won a Michigan Senate seat in a "special election." Kimmel’s team even goes so far as to show people a fake CNN news report and clips from his “victory speech,” which is just footage from one of Rock’s concerts.

Jimmy Kimmel sets up the clip saying that back in 2017, Kid Rock announced he was running for Senate, but it turned out to be a publicity stunt. The host adds that even on Election Day some people are not interested in politics. So he sent his team out for a "Kid Rock The Vote Special Edition of Lie Witness News."

The interviewer explains to people that the 47-year old plans to lower the age to buy scratch-off lottery tickets to 10 and that he wants to legalize and tax crystal meth, for "medical purposes." He gets strange reactions after explaining Rock’s campaign slogan was “Smell my fingers, no new taxes” and then he shows people a clip of "Senator Rock" saying, “Whatever you have between your legs should determine the bathroom that you use.”

Kimmel’s street team also have people look into the camera and send a message to the new senator, using priceless fake birth names for the Detroit rocker, such as “Mud Critterson,” “Trigger Blumpkin” and “Buddy Humpson.” Rock’s real name, of course, is Robert James Ritchie.

Back in September, Kid Rock released the collection Greatest Hits You Never Saw Coming. He and Kanye West were on hand at the White House in October when President Trump signed the Music Modernization Act (MMA) into law.

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