A few weeks ago, as part of a promotion with Washington's Lottery, I edited a photo of CenturyLink Field to make it appear that there were 60,000 more seats inside the stadium. My reasoning was so that Seahawks fans who can't get their hands on game tickets would have an opportunity to see an NFL game in person.

As a co-season ticket owner with my brother since 2004, I know EXACTLY how expensive tickets can get making it very prohibitive for a family to attend which is why I was ecstatic to be able to award a set of comp tickets to Scott Wristen last Friday.

Scott entered a contest we held via our mobile app by sending us a video of his son Grayden "flossing" with Seahawks mascot Blitz. Scott picked up the stubs Friday afternoon but was going to wait to surprise his boy the day before his eighth birthday by taking him to the game! Here's the video from the reveal:

Once they got to the stadium, they took in as much of the pregame festivities as they could -- posing for pics outside the iconic Hawks Nest at the north entrance, meeting Seahawks super-fan Lorin "Big Lo" Sandretzky, visiting Touchdown City... They even met and got an autograph from former Seahawk great Sam Adams (and saw a spectacular jet fly-by during the pregame ceremonies!)

Seeing the look on that child's face in those photos is all the evidence you need to know that the tickets wound-up in exactly the right hands! Congrats (and happy birthday!) Scott & Grayden! We're glad you had that time together and thanks for bringing home a Seahawks win, too!

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