Keep your eyes peeled for a black Chevy Tahoe in Kennewick that was used in a recent armed robbery. Kennewick Police have video and pictures of the assailants at a local convenience store. They are still at large and KPD needs help in locating them.

The robbery occurred at the 3400 block of West Clearwater Ave on February 5th, 2021.

credit: KPD
credit: KPD
credit: KPD

According to a posting on the Kennewick Police's Facebook page and a press release given to the radio station, KPD is saying on the night of 02/05/21, two armed suspect males entered a convenience store located on the 3500 block of West Clearwater.

The press release and posting say both males were wearing hooded jackets and masks obscuring their appearance, they each presented handguns, and completed a robbery of a convenience store.

The suspects fled the location in a dark blue 2007-2014 Chevrolet Tahoe.

We've enclosed the video surveillance for you to review but you can also refer to the Kennewick Police Department Facebook page to view the video.

Kennewick Police are conducting an ongoing investigation seeking the identification and whereabouts of the involved suspects.

You can review the surveillance video here.

During the pandemic, one of the issues is that the suspects are masked and hard to recognize. Take a look at the video and pictures and contact the Kennewick Police Department.

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