A Tuff Shed Sign in Kennewick was the casualty in a high-speed chase that took police on speeds up to 120 MPH.

Early morning reports from the Kennewick Police Department have a DUI suspect in custody.

credit: kennewick police department
credit: kennewick police department

According to a posting on the Kennewick Police Department's Facebook page, here is how the incident went down:

This morning deputies located a Chrysler 300 on I82 between Richland and Benton City doing about 120 MPH. Deputies were able to confirm this vehicle was the one that had fled from Pasco Police a short time earlier. Deputies were able to set up spikes before initiating a traffic stop.

When the deputy activated their emergency lights the suspect vehicle fled and was subsequently spiked by the deputy who was prepared ahead of where the traffic stop was initiated.

The deputies pursued the vehicle until the pursuit ended and the driver fled on foot in the 4200 Block of Clearwater Ave.

Deputies caught the driver after a short foot chase. The driver was arrested for felony eluding police, suspicion of DUI, and on warrants to include a previous DUI.

The Tuff Shed sign according to the picture looks a little bent but repairable. Great job KPD, Pasco Police, and The Benton County Sheriff's Department for teaming up and keeping the streets safe.

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