Lay's is no stranger to unique flavors of potato chips from their 'do us a flavor' campaign to seasonal ideas, they've always got something new coming out. When I heard that they were planning on mixing flavors from their own camp of familiar snacks I knew I had to try them.

If you look in stores, you might find these new, exciting flavors. One dusted with Cheetos dust, one seasoned with Cool Ranch flavoring and one a rippled one that's reminiscent of the popular Funyons.

The flavors aren't quite one-to-one with the originals. So much of what makes each of those flavors a part of their own brand is the base of their product with the corn tortilla of Doritos and the corn puffs of Cheetos. It's not enough just to add seasoning to it to call it that flavor, but they're still fun to try.

If it was this easy, I wish they'd just make that cool ranch flavor in a season shaker so we can use it on salads and whatever else we want. I'd love it.

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