I've reviewed a lot of snack foods in the past couple of weeks. I can't trust my memory, so that's one of the reasons why I'm writing these things. So when my wife asks, "Which ones do you want me to pick up?" I can check back over my notes! Luckily with these chips, I don't think my wife will even give me the option!


Alright, time for the disclaimer stuff so no one gets upset. This is in NO WAY a paid advertisement for this brand of chips or any chip. Also, this is in NO WAY a paid advertisement AGAINST this chip or any chip brand. I was given this bag of chips to try by my friend Gloria, who purchased it with her own money and gave it to me without compensation or promise of payment in any form. And no, she does not work for PepsiCo/Frito-Lay! The same goes for my wife, who is my "2nd Opinion". (NOTE: My dog did not participate in the taste testing).

New bag of Doritos and dog in background


I tasted the tangy right off the bat. Considering that was my first taste when I tried the Ketchup flavored Doritos last week, I may be extra sensitive to this. It wasn't until the 3rd or 4th chip that I could taste the barbecue. The chips were alright, but not towards the top of my Doritos favorites list (which, if you're keeping track, spicy nacho, taco, cool ranch, Sweet Chili).

A Second Opinion of Sweet & Tangy BBQ DORITOS

On the other hand, my wife put these right at the top of her list. She loves the Sweet Chili (purple bag), and I asked her if she was heading to the store and could only get one bag, which would she get… Sweet Tangy BBQ or Sweet Chili. She thought long and hard and was not able to pick a favorite! That's a pretty good endorsement, in my opinion.

Doritos Nutrition Facts and dog in background

Should You Try The New DORITOS?

So there you have it! Are you going to try them? If you hate tangy things or can't stand BBQ, grab one of the many other offerings of chips; otherwise, I'd give them a try. If you have already tried them, what's your opinion? Tap the App and let me know!

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