LEGO sets are one of the first learning toys that many of us played with. LEGO has branched off into many directions, especially since they've been time tested and beat out such other classics as Lincoln Logs and Tinker Toys (I can't imagine a Lincoln Log video game series or movie franchise). The toys have taught kids how to live, but now the toys are teaching them about how to die, or at least make the subject of death more approachable.

Vienna Funeral Museum, located on the grounds of Vienna's Central Cemetery (one of the largest cemeteries in the world), launched a LEGO toy collection that features a crematorium furnace, bereaved family members standing at graveside and a hearse, among others.

The cemetery is a huge tourist attraction with over 330,000 graves and tombs including the resting places of Beethoven & Strauss. Don't worry, the sets are not just hidden throughout the 590 acres -- they're kept in the museum portion of the grounds along with ancient death masks, coffins and hearses, only people are allowed to play with the LEGO sets.

As of right now, the sets are not set for consumer play, but keep your skeleton fingers crossed. Hopefully they will be soon!

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