When I think about all sci-fi movies & TV shows that I've seen that dealt with artificial intelligence, and more importantly, robots, I realize there are no musicals. Think about it. iRobot with Will Smith, nope, just a robots helping people till they decide to kill you. Terminator with Arnold Schwarzenegger? Nope, just one robot trying to kill you while another one tries to save you. The Matrix series with Keanu Reeves? Nope, that's going into the robot's programming, while in the real life other robots are trying to kill you, while a virus in the programing is trying to kill you. Oh I know, what about Battlestar Galactica or Ex Machina! Those for sure had musical numbers in them? No... no, the more I think about it, that was just robots trying to bone you or kill you... most of the time both. In fact the only movie that comes close to having any type of music that I can think of is the 2005 animated adventure with Ewan McGregor and the late great Robin Williams simply titled "Robots". But even then, if there was a robot band, they were in the background and most likely were not a true metal band!

As heard on your Daily Dose of WTF with Todd & Timmy, We bring you a robotic band that won't try to kill you! Well thanks to a truly talented inventor and musician we now have, a 100% metal band so metal, that they actually even play their own instruments! Created out of scrap metal by artist Kolja Kugler, the two piece band, a bassist and drummer, is called One Love Machine!  Their first appearance on YouTube was back in 2015, and since then have rocked live audiences such as (the clip below) Wild Waste Gallery in Kreuzberg, Berlin. I must say, hearing the bass riffs, I'd love to see what fun Les Claypool of Primus could have with this metal band!

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